Electrical Conduit Nipples

Electrical ConduitsAn electrical conduit is a tube that routes and protects electrical wiring throughout a building or machine. Electrical conduit nipples fit on each end of a male pipe while maintaining the form of the wiring within. Electrical conduits provide protection to the electrical wiring from moisture and pressure. Furthermore, the metal allows the electrical wiring to remain safe and in the same form. 

What is an Electrical Conduit?

The piping and nipples are typically made of aluminum or steel due to the long lifespan and strength of the materials. There are four different types of conduits; rigid metal conduits (RMC), galvanized rigid conduits (GRC), intermediate metal conduits (IMC), and electrical metallic tubing (EMT).

Rigid metal conduits are tubes with thick walls that are made of stainless steel or aluminum. Galvanized rigid conduits are made of galvanized steel tubing with thick walls. Intermediate metal conduits are made of heavy steel tubing and electrical metallic tubing is made up of thinner steel walls. 

Electrical metallic tubing is the most commonly used electrical conduit. While the EMT is not threaded itself, the nipples fitted to it can be threaded. This type of tubing, when the tubing is made of aluminum conduit, is most commonly used in commercial and industrial settings as the aluminum has a higher resistance to corrosion than thin-walled steel.

However, rigid metal conduits are more common in residential areas, especially in attics, basements, and crawlspaces. The steel conduits can be used in residential environments as it can be buried underground. Unlike steel conduits, aluminum conduits cannot be buried as it can react to alkali metals in soil and concrete.

Detroit Nipple Works

If you are in need of some electrical conduit nipples or pipe fittings, you’ve come to the right place! Here at Detroit Nipple Works, we offer a wide variety of nipples, pipe fittings, and pipes to help you. For more information, contact us and request a quote today!

Stainless Steel Nipples

Stainless Steel Nipples

Stainless Steel Nipples – Characteristics

Stainless steel does not stain, rust or corrode the way standard steel does. There are different grades of stainless steel which has an impact on the amount of resistance to corrosion and heat. Stainless steel is different from carbon steel, determined by the amount of chromium within. In addition, when it comes to this steel there are two grades, austenitic and martensitic.

Austenitic steel is made from chromium and nickel. While the martensitic is usually a stainless steel alloy made from hard steel crystalline. Both grades are designed to prevent corrosion. There are five different grades, 200, 300, 400, 500, and the 600 series.

Inventory of Stainless Steel Nipples

When it comes to pipe nipples made from any metal, Detroit Nipple Works has a large inventory to choose from. Furthermore, we carry nipples such as carbon, aluminum, seamless, and B.S.P.T. to name a few. Also, when it comes to end finishes you can choose what type you want. Ends such as tapered pipe thread, roller cut, square cut and grooved are some of the different choices available at Detroit Nipple Works.  

We provide nipples that can be used in a number of industries. Industries that use our nipples include architectural, pharmaceutical, machine-building, semiconductors, and more. At Detroit Nipple Works we have manufacturing nipples and metal pipes for over 80 years. With extensive knowledge of nipples, tubing, pipe couplings and more we can answer all your questions.  We can help you find the exact product you need to finish your next project. Even HVAC suppliers use our products such as Tridan International and other companies.

Detroit Nipple Works has supplied companies all over the country. If your next job or project requires steel pipe, nipples, couplings, or any other metal material contact us today! Finally, give us a call at 1-888-698-7888 if you would like to discuss Stainless Steel Nipples, for a project or to place an order. 

Stainless Steel Nipples

316 Nipple Stainless Steel

316 Nipple Stainless Steel Nipples

The 316 Nipple Stainless Steel nipple is a tough austenitic steel grade generally used in the appliance industry. It is a corrosion resistant nipple typically used for tubing and connections. They are built into applications such as kitchen sinks and oven parts along with many others. Most notably, 316 nipples are used in surgical equipment. The equipment uses 316 stainless steel nipples as connections or tubing within the framework as its dependable.

The Stainless Steel Nipple and it’s high resistance to corrosion is why any industry that handles water uses this type of nipple. By having such a trustworthy nipple, you never have to worry about it failing in certain applications. If you do not use a high resistance to corrosion nipple like this one, you are just asking for trouble. 

Types of 316 Stainless Steel Nipples

The 316H grade is made to work in higher temperatures. This allows them to thrive in appliances such as microwaves and ovens. Both 316 and 316L types have composition and properties that comply with both steel types.  The 316 grades, especially 316L as it contains low carbon, are great for welding and are often referred to as “marine grade” stainless steel.

Detroit Nipple Works Carries Stainless Steel 

316 stainless steel nipples are known to have a nickel content, including molybdenum, which provides better corrosion resistance. Many industries use 316 nipples such as the food industry, surgical equipment, pharmaceutical, and more. In addition, Detroit Nipple Works use 316 stainless steel for fabrication. Also, we do work with the other grades of stainless steel and other materials used throughout many industries like agriculture, health, food, medical equipment, manufacturing, heating, cooling, and many more applications.

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Uses For Brass Nipples

Brass Nipples

Brass, in general, is rather popular for fittings and pipe. Industrial brass nipples are used in large plumbing systems among other things. Brass offers many advantages over other materials and is favorite materials in certain industries. Brass nipples and pipe have great corrosion resistance.  Because of this, it makes brass a great choice for plumbing. Also, it works well for acids, minerals and salt water. 

In addition to high corrosion resistance, brass is a soft material. This makes for tight seals and fairly easy installations. This will prevent against blind flanging pipe leakage. Brass in a lot of ways is similar to copper but with a heavier wall. 

Brass Nipples Industries

Of course, the major industry and demand for brass nipples and fittings is the plumbing industry. Commercial plumbing and residential both use brass products. Another industry is oil as well as gas. Many older systems are being replaced over time from iron to the much more dependable brass. A brass nipple is a short piece of brass pipe that is threaded on both sides. Usually, they are used to connect the pipe to a valve, instrument or another pipe. 

Brass is used widely in plumbing but brass is also used in the automotive industry. There it is used in air brake systems, hose ends, and fuel lines. If you are experiencing leaking from your brass fitting, try using some thread compound this may help with the leak. Also, try not to overdo it with Teflon tape, too much tape can cause problems.

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At Detroit Nipple Works, we have been supplying brass nipples to companies all over the country. We have quite a large inventory and can meet any demands. Give us a call today at 313.872.6370 or use our easy quote form and find out what Detroit Nipple Works can do for you! 

Shipping Nipples to North Dakota

Shipping Nipples to North Dakota

At Detroit Nipple Works, we strive to give you the best quality equipment for all of your piping needs. Whether you are looking for piping, fittings, nipples, or valves, we can get you’re the material or sizes you need. Recently adding North Dakota to our list of shipping states, we are now up to 48 states. That’s right; we provide piping necessities to 48 states!

North Dakota And Many More

Knowing which materials are necessary for the job is very important. To help you understand all the different materials used when piping visit our products section with descriptions and photos. We also want to give you a behind the scenes look at what we do to make sure you are getting the highest quality product, so check out our YouTube video where we will show you the process of making Grooved Piping

From nipples to galvanized steel pipe, Detroit Nipple Works has everything you need.  In addition, we also offer fittings, flanges, and valves. All our products are top quality and we ship all over the country. Are you looking for a quote? Use our easy quote form right now for a quote on your next order. Also, you can call 313.872.6370 and our experienced staff can answer all your questions.  IF you are looking for galvanized steel products we are your source. 

When you think about practical applications for galvanized pipe, you want to know the direct benefits to your job’s needs and the longevity of galvanized pipes. The cost/benefits that galvanized steel or iron pipe is very high since the galvanizing process has a low cost and increases the time the wear and tear will be on your pipes. Galvanized steel or iron pipes have a direct benefit your company and will be exactly what you need to get your job done right. 

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