Practical applications for galvanized pipe

practical applications for galvanized pipe

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When you think about practical applications for galvanized pipe, you want to know the direct benefits to your job’s needs and the longevity of galvanized pipes. The cost/benefits that galvanized steel or iron pipe is very high since the galvanizing process has a low cost and increases the time the wear and tear will be on your pipes. Galvanized steel or iron pipes have a direct benefit your company and will be exactly what you need to get your job done right.

Galvanized Steel pipes are different from other steel and iron tubing in that it has been coated with a protective layer of Zinc. The zinc reacts with oxygen to create zinc oxide which then further reacts with Carbon Dioxide to create zinc carbonate. This reaction allows the steel or iron metal surface to bond with the zinc, creating a protective layer. This layer allows for protection against rust and increases the lifespan of the pipe. This layer of protections helps protect it from the outside elements and the materials running through them. 

 Galvanized Pipe Indoor Outdoor Applicationspipe-cta

Galvanized pipe is used in outdoor and indoor applications due to its anti rusting components. The zinc coating slows the process of corrosion and can make the pipe last for decades (in the right environment). This makes it ideal for marine applications and for transporting hot and cold water alike. Galvanized pipe isn’t perfect for every type of job though. There are disadvantages to using galvanized pipe with gas lines and are not typically used in underground applications.

Galvanized pipes have a longevity, are cost effective, and are low maintenance. They can be inspected with a trained eye and are easily assembled. For all your galvanized piping needs, choose a professional who has the experience you need. If you’re looking for a galvanized pipe supplier, Detroit Nipple Works has it in stock. You can get a free quote or please call 1.888.698.7888.