Industrial Galvanized Pipes and Fittings

Industrial Galvanized Pipes Order NowOne of the many advantages of using industrial galvanized pipes is its long life. Galvanized pipes are well-known for lasting more than 25 years in coastal and urban areas and 50 years or more in rural environments. Also, because they are covered in zinc, these steel pipes are durable for tubing and plumbing. With the steel being protected in zinc, it helps increase the life and stops the pipe from decaying. These type of pipes have been used for both hot and cold plumbing purposes.

Why Choose Industrial Galvanized Pipes?

Because industrial galvanized pipes cost less than others, they have become very popular to work with. Using these pipes are efficient because they require less maintenance work. Due to the toughness of this material, these steel pipes can resist damage during transporting and installing. Choosing industrial galvanized pipes are good because of its standardization, low cost, toughness, and long life.

Industrial galvanized fittings are classified by pressure class. Class 150 is used for low-pressure plumbing utilization. Class 300 is used for high-pressure utilization. Both classes include steam, natural gas, water, and air. Industrial galvanized fittings resist decay and deterioration.

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