Request a Quote For Fittings!When searching for the proper pipe fitting for your application, our wide range of high-quality materials or finishes is perfect to get the job done. Ranging from stainless steel, cast iron, galvanized, or PVC fitting, we can assist you in selecting the proper fitting you may need. We can provide you with some of the best pipe fitting available. 

Detroit Nipple Pipe Fittings

We can provide pipe fittings for any size diameter tube. Our experts at Detroit Nipple Works can help you find the right fitting for your project. The proper fitting is essential for a wide variety of industries. Industries such as automotive, plumbing, heating and cooling.

Our long history and extensive experience make our products the top in the nation. Also, when it comes to tubing, pipes, and fittings your best choice is Detroit Nipple Works. In addition, we can ship to anywhere in the country. Also, we will get your order to you on time and cost-effectively. Finally, with such a long rich history of metalworking, Detroit Nipple Works is the best place to find everything you need for your next project.

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