PVC Fittings

Used in pipe plumbing systems for distributing and measuring air or water flow, PVC (polymerized vinyl chloride) pipe fittings are used to connect straight pipes or tubing sections of all different shapes and sizes. Because PVC pipes are so versatile, PVC fittings must be as well and can be used to distribute water or air in both high and low-pressure situations.

Our high-quality PVC fittings are popular because they are generally less expensive than other fittings and are simple to install. They are built with either spigot or hub end (socket) connections. Most PVC pipes come equipped with a spigot end and need to be attached to hub connections on both sides, which is where PVC fittings come into play. They become attached together through solvent welding using PVC cement, which melts plastic and thus creates the weld between the pipe and the fitting.

The most commonly-used PVC fittings are:

  • DWV
  • Schedule 40
  • Schedule 80

DWV fittings work well in situations that call for venting or drainage, either for the plumbing system in your home or for commercial sanitary systems. Schedule 40 fittings are pressure fittings used for many different home applications, like chilled water and home swimming pools. Water pressures in these areas don’t typically surpass the maximum tolerance for schedule 40 fittings. For agricultural and commercial applications, schedule 80 fittings are the way to go, as they are built to handle much higher water pressures than schedule 40 fittings.

PVC fittings also come in many varieties as far as their shape is concerned, so that you’re sure to match the fitting to the pipe you need depending on your job. Some of these varieties include:

  • PVC adapters (male & female)
  • PVC caps
  • PVC coupling
  • PVC elbows (45 & 90 degrees)
  • PVC tees
  • PVC unions

In addition to the low cost, PVC fittings are also advantageous because of their resistance to corrosion and chemicals. During use in piping systems, they are strong enough to endure attacks from most acids, alkali, and crude oil. PVC fittings also have long lifespans and can typically operate at very high temperatures.

To find out if PVC fittings are right for your next job, or if one of the many other types of fittings we carry such as galvanized fittings, malleable fittings or aluminum fittings are appropriate, contact Detroit Nipple Works or give us a call at 1-888-698-7888.