PVC Piping

PVC pipes and fittings are made from Polyvinyl Chloride which is a combination of plastic and vinyl. PVC systems are the best option for transferring water. Because of the durability of PVC piping or PVC fittings, they will last much longer than metal piping. Unlike metal piping PVC piping and fittings will not rust, corrode, or rot over time.PVC Piping

It is not recommended to use PVC pipe for transferring high-pressure gasses. If you attempt to transfer high-pressure gasses with PVC pipe, there are chances that the piping will shatter. Also, PVC is best used for water or sewage lines in or around homes and businesses. It is lightweight and highly durable. Because of the durability of PVC, it will outlast any other type of plumbing material.

PVC Piping Uses

Not only can PVC piping be used for plumbing, it is very commonly used for crafts, building your own furniture, or other projects.  It is easy to work with in both plumbing and craft situations because you can cut it down much easier than you can with metal piping. There are many projects PVC piping would be a great option for compared to other metal pipes.

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