Stainless Steel Grades

Stainless steel is a metal alloy known for being non-corrosive and strong. Here at Detroit Nipple Works, we offer   five stainless steel grades; 200, 300, 400, 500, and 600 series. Each stainless steel grade has its own purposes and uses within their respective industries. Austenitic Steel Grades Austenitic steel is a type of steel […]

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Industrial Pipe Shelving

Industrial Pipe Shelving

The old expression is everything old is new again.  Industrial pipe shelving has become a popular look in most modern homes these days. This type of shelving can give a unique look to your shelving without breaking the bank.  The best part is that this type of shelving can be homemade for just the cost […]

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Working With Soft Metals

When it comes to working with various metals, they are not all the same. Working with soft metals, such as aluminum, copper, or brass, can be a little more tedious than if you were working with steel. Why is this? What is the actual difference between metal and steel? Metal vs. Steel Is there a […]

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Nipple Provider for Industrial Electrical Projects.

Many might think that our nipple production is primarily for water or gas plumbing applications. Although that is probably correct, we do a large business as a nipple provider for industrial electrical projects as well. Nearly every construction project requires some form of electrical work. This can include lighting, switches, hoists, or larger industrial electrical […]

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New Construction in Detroit is Part of Rebirth

Detroit, Michigan is going through a positive rebirth. In recent years, the unemployment rate has decreased from the highest 19 % to a low 8.8 %. Furthermore, Detroit’s poverty rate is significantly lower now than in recent years. With the positive changes occurring, the city of Detroit is improving through new construction and development. Detroit […]

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