Seamless Mechanical Tubing

Seamless mechanical tubing as the name suggests is seamless. There is no weld in the tube making it more sturdy and reliable.  To make this type of tube a solid steel bar is used using a die that bores out the center of the tube.  Also, there are usually two types of seamless mechanical tubing, […]

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The Difference between Rigid and Merchant Couplings

The purpose of pipe couplings is to connect two tubes or pipes together. They are very short in length and have sockets on either end of the pipe. Pipe couplings can be used in any environment. Although all couplings have the same intention, there are many forms of them including rigid and merchant pipe couplings. […]

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Pickling Carbon Steel pipe or Stainless Steel

Pickling is a caustic process. Our pickled Carbon Steel pipe is shipped directly from the mill.

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Stay Safe! Always Use Proper Tubing Materials!

When constructing pipelines, there are many factors to take into consideration. Also in order to create a successful application, as well as for the safety of yourself and others. Pipelines are used to transfer gasses or fluids from point A to point B. Understand the type of material in which will be transferred can help […]

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Steel Pipe Fittings Supplier

Steel pipe fittings are essential to complete your job.  Custom steel pipe fittings and standard fittings can be hard to come by sometimes. Steel pipe fittings suppliers in or around the Midwest and Michigan can be hard to come by.  Our steel pipe fittings are 304 or 316 stainless steel pipe fittings.  In addition to […]

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