Heavy Wall Tubing

Since 1934, Detroit Nipple Works has manufactured high-quality tubing products and supplied them to clients. This includes specialized products such as heavy wall tubing. This type of wall tubing has unique applications, making it perfect when all the conditions are met. But what is heavy wall tubing? What is Heavy Wall Tubing? Heavy wall tubing, […]

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Multi Purpose DOM Tubing

When you think about piping or tubing, the first thing that may come to mind is plumbing. Many types of tubing or piping, especially DOM Tubing, have a variety of uses. What you may not know is that DOM tubing or Drawn Over Mandrel tubing is used in many different applications. Applications such as motorcycle […]

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Benefits of Galvanized Pipe

In this day and age, there are many options for steel pipes, such as galvanized pipes,  ERW Steel pipes, DOM tubing, and much more. What makes each one unique or stand out from the crowd? The galvanized pipe has many features that make it appealing to many industries. The process of galvanizing is the submersion […]

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Importance of Electric Resistant Welded Tubing

Do you know what electric-resistant welded tubing is? Detroit Nipple Works does plenty of work in different tubing processes such as drawn-over mandrel and seamless mechanical. However, we also work with electric-resistant welded (ERW) steel and processing. ERW steel goes through a very different process than other tubes, leading it have a distinct difference between […]

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Seamless Mechanical Tubing

Seamless mechanical tubing as the name suggests is seamless. There is no weld in the tube making it more sturdy and reliable.  To make this type of tube a solid steel bar is used using a die that bores out the center of the tube.  Also, there are usually two types of seamless mechanical tubing, […]

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