Nipple Provider for Industrial Electrical Projects.

Many might think that our nipple production is primarily for water or gas plumbing applications. Although that is probably correct, we do a large business as a nipple provider for industrial electrical projects as well. Nearly every construction project requires some form of electrical work. This can include lighting, switches, hoists, or larger industrial electrical […]

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New Construction in Detroit is Part of Rebirth

Detroit, Michigan is going through a positive rebirth. In recent years, the unemployment rate has decreased from the highest 19 % to a low 8.8 %. Furthermore, Detroit’s poverty rate is significantly lower now than in recent years. With the positive changes occurring, the city of Detroit is improving through new construction and development. Detroit […]

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Offshore Drilling – Oil Rig Pipe and Parts

Detroit Nipple Works supplies pipe nipples, fittings, tube and pipes to the oil industry. This we’ve written about before, but we haven’t really mentioned offshore drilling. In areas of the western or central part of the Gulf of Mexico as well as Florida, oil rigging is very common. When oil is extracted from the ground, […]

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