Aluminum Fittings

One of the most versatile types of pipe fittings are aluminum fittings, as they are compatible with many different applications. Depended upon in household plumbing as well as for store fixtures, safety barriers or braking systems, aluminum fittings can be bought in  different finishes. Nickel-plated or anodized are two popular finishes.

Aluminum fittings are obviously relied upon for use with aluminum pipes, and the fact the aluminum products – like aluminum nipples – are so lightweight, is one of the advantageous qualities of using fittings made of aluminum.

Aluminum fittings weigh 1/3 of what steel weighs and is ½ as strong. As an example, a bolt made of aluminum must have a diameter of 0.375 inches in order to match the strength of a 0.25 inch steel bolt.

Some of the other benefits you reap when purchasing high quality aluminum pipe fittings from Detroit Nipple Works include:

  • Durability
  • Low-Cost
  • Resistance To Corrosion
  • Ability to carry flammable solvents safely

Aluminum fittings aren’t necessarily a traditional type of fitting but their lightweight, yet durable form has made them a popular choice for users in recent years.

Also reliable in the automotive industry, aluminum fittings that are welded (weld bungs) go great for use with radiators, oil return tanks, or oil pans.

The grades of aluminum (Series 1xxx, 2xxx, 3xxx, etc.) as well as the fitting quality affects performance and is something to discuss with our fittings or nipple professionals at Detroit Nipple Works. Contact us today and let’s have a conversation!