Oil Industry Piping Supplies

oil-refineryDid you know that North Dakota has a high industrial piping demand because of the new oil boom. The oil boom in North Dakota began with an oil extraction of the Bakken formation and continued with the discovery of the Parshall Oil Field. The demand for oil has greatly increased which has dramatically changed the North Carolina job market. Because of the oil boom , North Dakota has the lowest unemployment rate in the country. The demand for oil industry piping supplies for North Dakota has increased and Detroit Nipple Works is here to fill it.

Detroit Nipple Works offers oil pipeline supplies for the oil industry in North Dakota. Pipes or pipe fittings from Detroit Nipple Works are used in every stage of oil extraction or transportation process . Did you know that it is cheaper to transport oil through oil pipelines? This is another reason to purchase oil industry piping supplies for North Dakota from Detroit Nipple Works.

At Detroit Nipple Works we offer:

Why choose Detroit Nipple Works for your North Dakota oil industry piping supplies ? Detroit Nipple Works has been confidently providing industrial pipes or pipe fittings to areas like North Dakota for over 80 years. Please request a quote for your oil industry piping supplies for North Dakota. We ship nipples to North Dakota. Do you have more questions about industrial piping supplies in North Dakota? Contact Detroit Nipple Works for more information.