Industrial Bronze Ball Valves

A valve with a spherical disc is a ball valve. Industrial bronze ball valves are used in industrial applications. Depending on design or material, they can  support temperatures up to 752 degrees Fahrenheit or pressures up to 1000 bar.  Industrial bronze ball valves are known for being really easy to operate or repair. The ball valve is apart of the family of quarter turn valves along with the plug or butterfly valve. Ball valves are used for shutoff because they are very durable or versatile. The durability comes from the ball being chrome plated. The average size of industrial bronze ball valves range from around size 0.2 inches to about 11.82 inches. Bronze material is  great for industrial ball valves because it is very tough and has very little metal to metal friction. Unlike other metals, if bronze is struck against a hard surface sparks will not fly from it.

Industrial bronze ball valves come in a few different styles. The different types of industrial bronze ball valves are a full port ball valve, trunnion ball valve, A V port ball valve, or standard port ball valve.

Full port industrial bronze ball valves or full bore industrial bronze ball valves has lower friction loss because the ball is the same size as the pipeline. Full port is used when free flow is needed or when pipelines require pigging.

An A V port industrial ball valve refers to the “V” shape of the ball or seat. The design allows for the orifice to have a more controlled manner when being opened or closed. This is commonly used when fluids are at higher velocities that can not be handled by a regular valve.

A reduced port industrial bronze ball valve is also known as a reduced bore ball valve or a standard port ball valve. In this ball valve set up, the flow area is smaller than the pipe because the valve is one pipe size smaller.

A trunnion industrial ball valve is suitable for larger or higher pressure valves because the ball at the top or bottom has additional mechanical anchoring.

In addition to industrial bronze ball valves, Detroit Nipple Works also offer ball valves in the following materials:

  • Copper Ductile Iron
  • Brass
  • Stainless Steel
  • Carbon Steel
  • Plastic
  • Cast Iron

To inquiry or to request a quote about industrial bronze ball valves, contact Detroit Nipple Works in Michigan. We carry a variety of pipes or fittings to meet your industrial needs.