Red MacDonald Detroit Nipple Works HistoryIn 1897, in the nipple department of A. Harvey & Sons, manufacturing and wholesaler in Detroit for many years, now out of business, worked a redheaded youngster with a constant grin on his face and his name was C.E. MacDonald, nobody ever knew what the C.E. stood for, but everybody in our Detroit area knows “Red” MacDonald, owner of the Detroit Nipple Works.

After learning how to make pipe nipples “Red” was transferred to various departments of this wholesaler, and his pleasant attitude towards the contractor customers won him a sales job calling on industrial accounts.

Detroit Nipple Works History and Beginnings 

After 12 years as a top salesman, Harveys liquidated their business, so “Red” MacDonald went into business for himself. He started making pipe nipples and established headquarters in the back end of the James Degan Co.  This was June 1934.

Business prospered for the likable youngster and in 1936 they moved to 3200 E. Woodbridge Street, that’s East Jefferson just beyond McDougall Street. In addition, after several years “Red” eventually retired and sold to Harold Olsen.

In 1970, Harold’s son Richard bought the business, moved to our present location and is still the owner. Also, the family currently manages operations at Detroit Nipple Works.