Create A Seamless Connection With DOM Tubing

Seamless Connection of Dom TubingMany people are unaware of what DOM tubing really is. It is not an actual type of tubing.  It is a process in which the tubing is put through called “Drawn Over a Mandrel”. This process gives it a much smoother surface, leaving no seam visible to the naked eye like a seamless connection. With welded alloys, you may notice areas on your tubing where you are able to see or feel where it was soldered. The material you see or feel creates space between the connection of alloys, making a less durable connection. Because of the microscopic seam of DOM tubing, a much more accurate measurement occurs allowing a perfect fit for connections.

Benefit of a Seamless Connection

Because of the durability of DOM tubing, it is used in products susceptible to high impact situations. This includes all street roll bars, racing roll bars for cars under 3500 pounds, automotive, motorcycle, and industrial applications. In constructing these types of cages it is very important that nothing is going to slip out of place or worse, break. The use of DOM tubing allows the secure durability needed to keep riders safe.

It may come as a shock, but pricing differences between DOM tubing or other welded alloys is not much. Also, you may pay a few more cents per pound, but using the proper material which will provide max durability is very important. Detroit Nipple Works has a variety of DOM tubing sizes for sale for whatever job you may have.

Finally, please contact us today to find out if DOM tubing is right for your job!