Red Brass Piping

Red Brass Piping In industrial situations, red brass pipe fittings are sustainable to transfer high heat fluids and extreme air temperatures in a safe and consistent manner, whereas some metals such as aluminum have a melting point of 1220 degrees Fahrenheit, brass piping, including our red brass nipples or pipe fittings can easily withstand temperatures of 1740 degrees Fahrenheit. Due to their high tensile strength, our brass pipes and fittings are ideal for carrying steam. Also, they carry hot oil, or gas safely.

Additionally, due to their high corrosion resistance, caustic fluids such as oils or gasoline will not damage or reduce durability. This helps in reducing having to replace your pipes and nipples. Because they can withstand such high temperate conditions, red brass is excellent for soldering connections. In addition, without damaging your pipes and nipples.

Red Brass Piping Uses

Red brass is also an excellent material used for plumbing tees, plugs, elbows and pipe fittings. Pipes that snaking their way through industrial applications. Because red brass piping tees, elbows, or fittings are easily soldered. There is never any concern about breaking or weak coupling, ensuring the safe flow of gasses or hot oils. Whatever connection or transfer of air, water, or oils you are trying to create, red brass will ensure that the job is done safely and cost-effectively.

We offer red brass piping in many thicknesses, starting at 1/8”. Offering the safe transfer of fluids or air for whatever pressure you need. Safety is always first, so make sure you are properly transferring you hot oils, gasses, water, or air through the proper material.

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