Industrial Pipe Fittings

Detroit Nipple Works manufactures a wide assortment of industrial pipe fittings, forged pipe fittings and extensive range of flanges. The entire gamut of products is highly acclaimed for their attributes of robust construction. As well as their dimensional accuracy, and resistance towards corrosion and chemicals.

Industrial Pipe Fittings – full-line manufacturer of quality HDPE pipe fittings in many industrial pipe sizes. Detroit Nipple Works comprehensive range of Industrial Pipe Fittings encompasses Industrial Pipes, SWR Industrial Pipe Fittings, and also Composite Piping System.

Fitting Inventory

Detroit Nipple Works is the manufacture of high-quality Industrial Pipes that are easy to install, and safe & hygienic in use. The wide range of Industrial Pipes encompasses HDPE Pipes, Rigid UPVC Pipes, and Submersible Pipes. Industrial Pipes are highly resistant to chemicals and in both Acid and Alkaline solvents. In addition, all the Industrial Pipes have high tear resistance, require no maintenance and have a very long service life. The smooth inner Boer ensures an easy uninterrupted flow and saves electricity involved in any pumping. Our range of industrial pipes finds wide applications in chemical or processing industries. As well as drainage, and sewerage, flow applications, underground, irrigation, open pipeline, and many other uses.

Rigid UPVC Industrial Pipes are highly corrosion resistant, chemical, and biological resistant. The Rigid UPVC Pipes can accommodate slight shifting of the soil, bending of the pipe up to 2 degrees per joint and tolerate small gradients in underground piping. Seal Rings help in easy installation. UPVC Industrial Pipes can be tested for the ability to withstand pressure immediately on completion of installation.

Submersible Rising Main Industrial Pipes that are used in bore-wells to convey underground water either in deep or shallow to the surface for use. They are made from UPVC and can be used in all types of soil conditions whether acidic or alkaline without affecting the original quality of the water. They are easy to install and are light in weight. Detroit Nipple Works manufacture Submersible Pipes in different sizes as per the specifications of the customer.

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