Bronze Ball Valves and Carbon Steel Ball Valves

Bronze Ball Valves / Carbon Steel Ball Valves

What are Ball Valves?

A ball valve is a valve with a spherical disc, the part of the valve which controls the flow through it. The sphere has a hole, or port, through the middle so that when the port is in line with both ends of the valve, the flow will take place. When the valve is closed, the hole is perpendicular to the ends of the valve, and flow is blocked. The handle or lever will be inline with the port position letting you observe the position of the valve.

Ball valves are very durable and usually work to achieve perfect shutoff even after many years of using or not using. They are therefore an excellent choice for shutoff applications. Ball valves are used extensively in industrial applications because they are very versatile, supporting pressures up to 1000 bars and temperatures up to 200°C. Sizes typically range from 0.5 cm to 30 cm. They are easy to repair and operate.

Types of Ball Valves

Bronze Ball Valves

Bronze ball valves for use in commercial, residential, and light industrial applications. Typical services for Bronze ball valves include hot and cold water, HVAC, low pressure steam, compressed air, LP gas, and natural gas. Bronze ball valves are reliable and easy to use. A quarter turn opens or closes the valves.

Carbon Steel Ball Valves

Carbon Steel Ball Valves are for use in industrial process and general utility applications. Carbon Steel Ball Valves would include the following operations. Gas, Chemical, Petrochemical, Steam, Water, and other general utility services. The carbon steel ball valves have a hex shaped body for simple installation.

Detroit Nipple Works offers many assorted Ball Valves including, bronze ball valves, and carbon steel ball valves.

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