Outdoor DIY Projects- Black Galvanized Pipe

DIY (Do it yourself) projects have become very popular. Handy homeowners looking to save money have turned to DIY. In that regard, various recycled materials can be used (depending on the project). One of those materials is Black galvanized. this type of pipe is commonly used for many around-the-house projects, and not just for plumbing. In […]

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Stay Safe! Always Use Proper Tubing Materials!

When constructing pipelines, there are many factors to take into consideration. Also in order to create a successful application, as well as for the safety of yourself and others. Pipelines are used to transfer gasses or fluids from point A to point B. Understanding the type of material which will be transferred can help you […]

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Uses For Pickled and Oiled Steel

When it comes to pickled and oiled steel, Detroit Nipple Works has the supply you need. From Stainless steel to gas cylinders there is a variety of uses for this type of steel. No matter what you are looking for, Detroit Nipple Works extensive inventory has you covered.  What Is The Pickled Process? Pickling is […]

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Soft Metals Used In Plumbing

Soft metals are commonly used in plumbing systems. Soft metals are found in most items and systems that we use. While the type of soft metals can vary, there is a handful that is perfect for plumbing. So, why soft metals are found in plumbing, and for what reason? What are Soft Metals?  Soft Metals […]

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DOM Tubing Weight Per Foot

How much is DOM tubing weight per foot? Detroit Nipple Works specializes in many types of tubing. One of these tubing types is Drawn Over Mandrel tubing (DOM tubing). There are various applications for DOM tubing. However, the weight of the tubing can affect how you apply it. As a result, it is important to […]

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