What are Gaskets

Gaskets or WashersHave you ever wondered what the sealing device designed in the form of a sheet or ring was called? Gaskets are known in most common things such as electronics, appliances, and military industries. Because they create tight pressure seams between many stationary components, they rely on a compression seal to avoid any unwanted liquid or gas from emitting in.

Gaskets are usually intended to resist temperature fluctuations, pressure and sometimes, electrical forces. Also, they are available at Detroit Nipple Works Inc. in numerous designs including: double jacketed, kammprofile, sheet, solid material, and spiral wound and can come in a wide range of material such as metals, plastics, rubbers, and foams. Depending on which type of project you will perform will determine which form of a gasket to use.

The Job of Gaskets

Since gaskets are familiar with using compression, it is usually more pliable than other components it can join. Also, this seal can conform to any shape of the harder surfaces between which it is being placed.

These little parts play a huge role as sealing joints. They prevent water leakage and can form a barrier between internal and external elements. Do you need gaskets? Finally, contact Detroit Nipple Works Inc. today to learn more about gaskets and how to properly use them!