Forged Steel Fittings

Forged steel pipe fittings are created using a process called forging. The process of forging heats a  piece of carbon steel that is placed between an upper and lower die, which molds the heated piece of carbon steel into the desired shape. After the forging process, the molded carbon steel is put through a machining process, where it is finished to meet all required specifications.

Forged Steel Pipe Fitting Applications

There are many different applications in which forged steel pipe fittings-ctafittings would be ideal. These include, but are not limited to; oil, gasoline, hydraulic machinery, fertilizing, or chemical industries. Because of the leak free connections created from fittings made from forged steel, forged fittings are ideal in the transfer of these potentially harmful materials. When it comes to oils or chemicals having any type of leak within your connection can be very dangerous. Forged steel fittings will ensure that neither fumes, nor the chemical or oil itself leaks from your piping connection.

Along with leak free connections, it is as if forged steel fittings were developed specifically for applications where harsh chemicals that are in need of transferring. This is because forged carbon steel fittings have a special coating which protects the alkali or acidic materials from corroding the fitting. Corrosion during the transfer of chemicals can be dangerous, not only due to the fact that the corroded pipe will eventually leak, or worse break, but also because when corrosion occurs, the chemicals within the piping material (often zinc), are released. Depending on the chemical being transferred through the piping connection, this can be very harmful and may even cause unwanted chemical reactions such as explosions. Forged steel fittings are the best options when transferring oil, gas or chemicals.

Ensuring that you used the proper piping, fittings, nipples, or valves is very important regardless of the job being done. If you are ever unsure of the material best suited for your project, be sure to consult with a staff member at Detroit Nipple Works. They will inform you if forged steel fittings are the best option for your project.

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