Hex Nipples or Close Nipples

We all know or should know what a nipple is (as it relates to our industry of course). A nipple is a short pipe typically with male threading at both ends to connect two other pipes or fittings. However, the size or type of nipple greatly depends on the application for which it is being used.  It is important to get the proper nipple that is needed for the job. Three specific types of short or barrel nipples can confuse how to use them in their applications. In this article we will introduce you to, or familiarize you with; hex nipples or close nipples, hex plugs, and odd-length nipples.

Hex Nipples

The hex nipple typically has male threading on both ends of a hexagonal bolt shape in the center. This allows for easy torquing, tightening, or Hex nippleloosening using a wrench. Hex nipples come in handy during applications that require you to connect two brass or steel pipes, both with female ends. Common applications involve automotive, plumbing, or industrial.

Close Nipples

Close nipplesGiven the name, you may have figured out the purpose of a “Close Nipple.” The use of a close nipple allows you to create a closed, tight connection between two female-threaded steel pipes or fittings. However, there is a downside to closed nipples. The only way to tighten or loosen a closed nipple is to grip the threaded portion with a wrench.

Because of this, it becomes easy for the applicator to damage the threading, requiring the replacement of the nipple. Damaged threading can cause issues with your connection if not addressed. These issues may include leaking air, water, or other fluids depending on what application the nipple is being used for. There are special tools available to assist in their use.

Odd and Custom Sizes

Are you in need of an odd-length nipple or a custom-sized nipple? At Detroit Nipple Works, we specialize in pipe cutting or nipple threading. If you require specialized nipples contact us today. Detroit Nipple Works is Michigan’s premier pipe threading manufacturer supplying close nipples or hex nipples. We can fill small or large orders to plumbing supply companies, builders, fabricators, and municipalities. In addition, be sure to ask us about our huge supply of fittings as well.

Many Michigan cities are currently updating their old, or outdated plumbing systems. Cities such as; Flint, Ann Arbor, Saginaw, and Pontiac, MI are working to improve their old outdated plumbing or water systems. In dealing with these older systems, plumbers and technicians find many uses for odd-length and custom-size steel pipe fittings.

Hex Pipe Plug

In addition to the hex pipe nipple, the hex pipe plug is a very popular fitting. Hex pipe plugs are an important pipe fitting. Just like a hex pipe nipple, it has a hexagonal shape. It was made to stop the flow. Threaded at one end with the solid hex plug at the top makes it easy for a plumber to close and seal a pipe or tube connection. Gas instrumentation labs use these pipe fittings and plugs as well.

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Black Nipples

When you need high-quality custom black nipples for your job, Detroit Nipple works is the company to trust. Whether it’s repairing an old pipe, connecting different pipe fittings, or extending the reach of a current pipe, we are here to ensure you get exactly what you need. We listen to your specifications and then fabricate our high-quality materials to create nipples that will fit Black Nipple fitting the job correctly the first time. We offer products that can vary in thread count, coating material, length and schedule number. Which will ensure a product that will help you get the job done.

Black Nipples For Steel Pipes

Black steel pipe nipples are made from carbon steel welded pipe that create a long lasting product with durability. The black nipples have practical applications jobs that deal with steam, natural gas, and oil. This is because of the fire and corrosion resistant materials they are made of. Corrosion can also be slowed by the schedule number of the pipe. With higher numbers, you will get a thicker pipe, which will affect the rate of corrosion.

For example in a steam pipe system schedule, 40 pipe is often used whereas a schedule 80 steel pipe will be used for a condensate pipe. Also, the reason for this is that the condensate is corrosive and thicker steel will provide a longer service life for the condensate pipe.

Finally, here at Detroit Nipple works we offer:

Carbon Steel Nipples                     Cut Groove Nipples                Seamless Nipples          N.P.T. Nipples B.S.P.T. Nipples