Safety Tips for Piping or Plumbing

Safety Tips for Piping or PlumbingIt doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned professional or a homeowner trying to fix your hot water tank. Safety is too important to overlook! Be sure to keep these safety tips in mind to protect yourself during your next job:

  • Safety Tips Protect your face & lungs

    by wearing a mask or goggles. Whether you are welding and soldering or fixing your sink at home, hazardous elements can be damaging to your lungs or eyes. Working with pipes that allow for acid or sewage flow can be harmful to your lungs, so protect yourself during all projects.

  • Wear boots and gloves

    When working with metal and steel as heavy-duty material calls for heavy-duty gear. Be sure to wear a hard hat, gloves, and steel-toed boots at all times.

  • Safely store steel objects

    To avoid potential hazards. Make sure all shelves in your workspace are strong enough to withstand and restrain the steel you’re working with otherwise objects can slip, roll or tumble over.

  • Refrain from working while impaired

    Operating under the influence of alcohol, or even while tired or sick can be very dangerous. You’ll want to be attentive and have your reflexes intact to avoid injury, especially when using power tools.

  • Don’t disregard a gas leak

    Or the smell of natural gas at any time. Stop whatever else you’re doing and attend to the leak, whether that be taking care of it yourself if you have experience doing so, or calling your local gas company.

  • When dealing with large steel pipes

    Make sure they are lying flat when stored or protected in cradle racks to prevent any movement. They should always be moved from one place to another in pipe cradles.

Even the most experienced workers shouldn’t take their day-to-day safety for granted, so it’s always good to be reminded. When safely attacking your next project at work or home contact Detroit Nipple Works for a vast inventory of nipples, pipes, flanges, fittings, valves, or other high-quality products! 1-888-698-7888.

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