Steel Tube Art

Art From Steel Tubes Is Something Cool!

Okay, let’s face it, our Industry can be a bit boring. No you say? Yeah, I guess the thought of a steel nipple on the end of a tube can conjure up some real interest in certain circles. Anyway, we’re going to depart from that thought and look at something that is in fact, pretty cool.  Finding new mediums to express your artistic side is becoming more and more popular amongst artists, or even those looking for something to do with scrap. Have you seen steel tube art? Did you know that you can forge tube steel into a variety of shapes to create unique pieces of art? Steel tube art is great for wall art inside of your home or as a one of a kind enhancement to your garden. If you’ve done something with it, we would really like to see it!  Please share or post it on our FaceBook page.

What exactly is steel tube or tube steel art?

Steel tube art, also called tube steel art is the process of forging, bending, or hammering steel tubing into abstract pieces of art. You can oxidize to get that effect or even pickle steel tubing to make a smoother surface that enables you to paint for a different type of effect. There are a number of ways and materials you can use to get the exact look you are going for. Because of the steel alloy, your pieces of steel art can even be treated to last outdoors!

Are you looking for steel tube for your next abstract piece of art? At Detroit Nipple Works, we can supply as little, or as much steel tubing, pipe or fittings for your next art project! Steel tubing comes in a variety of sizes so you can create fantastic steel tube art. Like the picture you may want to mix it up by using a variety of fittings to use in your art with pipe or tube.  Contact us today and we will help you complete a steel tube, pipe and fittings order.

Check out some awesome steel tubing art ideas we have found on Pinterest here!

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