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What are hydraulic system applications?

Hydraulic applications are piping systems designed to transfer high-pressure fluid or steam. There is a variety of hydraulic applications used in many industries. Industries like; Oil, Ship Hull Designing, and Machine Manufacturers.  These are just some of the common examples of hydraulic applications in which steel tubing is needed.

Why use steel tubing for hydraulic applications?

Due to the abrasive nature of many fluids and their various temperatures, it is important to use the proper piping materials. Steel tubing which typically has a chemically treated surface (known as pickled carbon steel pipe), is recommended for hydraulic applications. Using steel tubing is important because other materials such as galvanized pipe will corrode over time. Steel alloy pipe should be used for all components of a hydraulic piping system. This includes couplings, flanges, as well as steel nipples.

Steel tubing for hydraulic application in engines.

Avoiding corrosion when constructing a hydraulic piping system is important. Having rust or debris from corroding pipes enter the material being transferred will have a severe negative impact on the quality. Corrosion can also lead to chemical spills. These are hazardous to the environment, wildlife, and population living nearby. The need for anti-corrosion and tight specifications are very common if you are supplying steel tubing and fittings. 

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Michigan Pipe & Tube Suppliers For Hydraulic Applications

Finding high-quality steel tubing or machine tube for hydraulic piping applications for anywhere in the U.S. is made easy by Detroit Nipple Works. Located in Detroit Michigan, local and long distance orders for steel tubing are filled on a daily basis. We supply materials for the oil industry in places like Baker Montana down to Steele City, Nebraska with the USA made pipe and tubing.

Use our pipe size chart to find your perfect pipe and order steel tubing online today! Our professionals have decades of experience and are standing by to help answer any questions you may have.


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