Types of Soft Metals

types of soft metal

There are various types of soft metals that are used in the industrial sphere. This variety means that not all metals are the same. In fact, soft metals can be more time-consuming than using steel. Yet, many soft metals find use in most items. So, what are these metals? 


Copper is a soft metal that is found in practical use everywhere. Since 1963, copper has been widely used in plumbing systems and domestic water supplies. As a result, almost 80% of all homes have copper plumbing. This is because soft copper metal is extremely flexible. As a result, it can be bent around objects making it ideal for tubing. Furthermore, copper has resistant to water corrosion compared to other metals. In addition, copper tubing endures longer than plastic piping.


As a soft metal, brass has found popular use for fittings and pipes. In fact, industrial brass can be found in large plumbing systems and more. Just like copper, brass has found popularity because of the benefits it has over other materials. Brass pipes and nipples have high corrosion resistance. In addition to water resistance, brass can handle other materials like acids, minerals, and saltwater. Furthermore, its soft material composition makes air-tight seals that are easy to install.  


Bronze is a soft metal that has found use in commercial, residential, and light industrial use. Brass material can be found in ball valves, a spherical disk that controls the flow throughout the pipes. Bronze ball valves are typically used with HVAC systems, hot and cold water, low-pressure steam, and natural gas. In addition, these ball valves are easy to use and reliable. 


Zinc is one of the four most widely consumed metals in the world, losing out to iron, aluminum, and copper. This soft metal has strong corrosion resistance and the ability to bond with other metals. In fact, 1/2 of all the zinc is used in the galvanizing process. Galvanizing pipes is essential to prevent rust on iron and steel pipes. During galvanization, a zinc coating is applied to protect more corrosive pipes from the rusting process. As a result, you have a significantly stronger and durable pipe, nipples, and more. 

Soft Metals at Detroit Nipple Works

As you can see, there are many types of soft metals that serve specific functions. These metals are used to increase the quality of the pipes, nipples, and other products through their anticorrosive properties and other functionalities. At Detroit Nipple Works, we use a variety of soft metals to create the best products for the industries we serve. Need one of our soft metal products? Contact us today!

Energy Efficient Elements and Gas Lines in Detroit

During the past 20 years, energy efficiency is something our society has become very concerned about. Energy efficiency is reducing the amount of energy required to provide products and services. In addition, this does concern Detroit. Energy companies have offered audits to households all over Michigan to determine how much energy their home uses and what they can do to save energy and money.

Energy-efficient home audits find where your house is losingEnergy-efficient-light-bulb energy, show you ways to use less energy, determine the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems, and suggest improvements that will save you money. Also, this could be anywhere from switching the valves on your gas lines to switching your light bulbs out for energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs.

What households can do to be more energy efficient;

  • Use fluorescent light bulbs
  • Put aerators on kitchen and bathroom faucets
  • Water-saving showerhead
  • Use water pipe wrap and weatherstrip socket plugs
  • Install an automatic gas valve
  • Control Thermostat

Energy Efficient Methods

Along with being energy-efficient, it is important that you are being safe along the way. A few improvements on your energy systems could require gas companies to change your gas lines for your home. Energy companies are continually enhancing the gas pipeline safety and training of Michigan workers. This is allowing energy companies to hire more employees to build. Also, replace gas pipelines in Michigan providing many jobs for Detroit. 

As the energy companies keep doing their job, providing energy audits for consumers like us to be able to assess our energy consumption and suggest ways for us to save energy, money and be safe. We will do our part here at Detroit Nipple Works and utilize our advantages of making these improvements to save energy and provide safe parts and services to our clients.

Finally, contact us today 1-888-698-7888 if you have any questions with materials of piping materials such as; copper pipe, galvanized pipes or forged steel fittings.