Seamless Mechanical Tubing

Seamless Mechanical Tubing

Seamless mechanical tubing as the name suggests is seamless. There is no weld in the tube making it more sturdy and reliable.  To make this type of tube a solid steel bar is used using a die that bores out the center of the tube. 

Also, there are usually two types of seamless mechanical tubing, cold-drawn seamless (CDC) and hot-finish seamless (HFS).  The cold-drawn seamless has a better surface finish in addition to high strength and weight ratio. The hot finish seamless is more cost-effective and a wider range of sizes. In addition, we carry a variety of mechanical tubing sizes.  No matter what size tubing you need we have it for you. 

Benefits of Seamless Tubing

So, what are the benefits of seamless mechanical tubing? Seamless tubing provides advantages that regular tubing cannot. First of all, seamless tubing is lightweight, making it easier to move. Tubes that lack seams can handle higher levels of stress. This is because seamless tubes have 8-10 times more tensile strength than other steel tubes. Furthermore, these tubes are uniform which reduces production costs and machining time. In addition, seamless mechanical tubing has corrosion resistance to acid, alkali, and salt. It also is resistant to fatigue and high temperatures, reducing the need for regular maintenance. However, what is the availability of this product? 

Availability of Seamless Mechanical Tubing

seamless tubing

Our mechanical tubing is designed to last in a demanding application. Also, this type of tubing can be found in the automotive industry in gears and cylinders.  When it comes to special diameters make sure to contact us on the large variety of diameters we offer.

Mechanical tubing is generally used for light gauge and mechanical structural application. So examples, where the tubing is used, are solar racking, carports, appliances, greenhouse structures, canopies, and many other areas. The tubing is available in square, round, rectangle, or even custom shapes if needed. ” – Read More

No matter, if you need seamless tubing or mechanical tubing of any kind, Detroit Nipple Works, can help. Furthermore, Detroit Nipple Works is a premier supplier of tubing throughout the country. We help clients from all kinds of industries from all areas of the country.

Mechanical Tubing Suppliers 

No matter what type of mechanical tubing you are looking for, we have it. We carry mechanical square tubing and other types as well. With decades of experience in tubing, nipples, and valves we can find exactly what you need. Located in Detroit for over 80 years, we are a reliable source for all your needs.  If you have questions about your order, give us a call at 313.872.6370. Our experienced staff can answer all your questions and help you determine exactly what you need. 

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