Plumbing Nipples

Plumbing Nipples

Do you know what goes into high-quality plumbing nipples? When it comes to your water system, you need to use the best products available. Plumbing pipes and nipples come in a variety of configurations and materials. So, what should you be looking for when it comes to your plumbing project?

Best Plumbing Materials

When it comes to plumbing, soft metals are commonly used. Soft metals are a category of metal that is easy to dent, bend, and cut without losing its malleability. This quality makes it useful for a wide variety of applications. This metal is great for plumbing because you can work the material to suit the water system. Fortunately, many of these metals are suitable for plumbing as well. In fact, two of these soft metals are ideal for this application specifically. These two metals are copper and brass. Both of these materials have corrosion resistance to water, air-tight seals, and high endurance. 

Best Plumbing Nipples

So, now that you know the best materials, what are the best nipples? Well, brass nipples are an excellent place to start. These nipples are made for commercial plumbing, oil, gas/steam applications, and OEM applications. While copper nipples are an option, Detroit Nipple Works does not sell those types of nipples. However, another option is stainless steel nipples. These nipples are used in industrial applications for aerospace, irrigation, and plumbing. There are also cut groove pipe nipples that are excellent for hot and cold water systems. All of these nipples are compatible with copper and brass pipes, meaning that you are guaranteed to have an air-tight and durable system. 

When it comes to plumbing materials and parts, you can trust Detroit Nipple Works has everything you need for your project. Our company prides itself in producing quality tube products for our customers. You can submit a quote to see the cost of your current project. 

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