Soft Metals Used In Plumbing

Soft Metals Used In Plumbing

Soft metals are commonly used in plumbing systems. Soft metals are found in most items and systems that we use. While the type of soft metals can vary, there is a handful that is perfect for plumbing. So, why soft metals are found in plumbing, and for what reason?

What are Soft Metals? 

Soft Metals are a category of metal that is easy to dent, work, and cut without losing its malleability. That means that regardless of what you do to this material, it will not lose its ability to shape. As a result, the applications of these metals have a wide range. There are many types of soft metals. Yet, some of these metals work better in certain situations than others. So, which of these metals are best for plumbing systems?

Best Metals for Plumbing

As mentioned above, some soft metals work better in certain situations. That also applies to plumbing systems. However, what metals should be used in plumbing applications? 


Since 1963, copper has been widely used in plumbing systems and other domestic water supplies. 80% of all homes have copper tubing. While PVC piping is finding a place in the plumbing field, copper’s flexibility has still made it the top material for tubing. As a result, copper tubing could be bent around objects. In addition, this soft metal is resistant to water corrosion compared to other metals and endures longer. 


Another popular soft metal for plumbing systems is brass. While copper is the most common, brass can be found in larger plumbing systems. Similar to copper, brass has unique properties that make it an ideal choice compared to other metals. Pipes and nipples made out of brass have higher corrosion resistance, making them perfect for plumbing. However, this high corrosion resistance also makes it ideal for tubing systems that handle acid, minerals, and saltwater. Add the fact this soft metal creates air-tight seals, brass is a great material for plumbing. 

Soft Metal Tubing and Nipples at Detroit Nipple Works

Soft metals are amazing for plumbing systems. However, finding high-quality tubing and nipples is important. At Detroit Nipple Works, we carry an extensive inventory of pipes, nipples, fittings, valves, and tubing for various types of systems. For over 80 years, Detroit Nipples Works has been producing quality pipes and more. 

So, get your soft metal tubing and more for plumbing today!

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