Industrial Piping Supplies

Detroit Nipple Works offers industrial piping supplies for contractors in North Dakota and other demanding areas across the United States. The oil industry in North Dakota is booming and contractors need a reputable industrial piping supplier to provide industrial supplies.

As a leading industrial piping supplier, we offer a variety of industrial piping supplies for industries in North Dakota. Some of the North Dakota industrial piping supplies that we offer are:

Detroit Nipple Works has been providing industrial piping supplies for industrial contractors across the US for over 80 years. Since 1934, we have been an industrial manufacturer. We serve all industries including automotive, piping contractors, or industrial supply contractors in North Dakota. Detroit Nipple Works is confident that we can provide you with the highest quality of pipes, valves , fittings, or tubing for the best price for industrial contractors in North Dakota. Detroit Nipple Works is equipped to work with areas like North Dakota with high industrial demands. We are also accustomed to filling high volume orders from contractors. Our staff is also very well informed to answer any question that you may have about pipes or pipe related products. Check out our FAQS or a custom pipe chart to assist you with selecting your industrial piping supplies for North Dakota.  If this does not answer your questions, then contact Detroit Nipple Works.

How quick will you get your industrial pipe supplies in North Dakota? Detroit Nipple Works can ship out the next day. If your order is custom, it may take up to two days before it can be shipped out. When you request a quote from Detroit Nipple Works, we will respond by the next day with a price for your North Dakota industrial supplies. Don’t hesitate. Start your project now.