Ductile Iron Pipe Threading

In applications that require transferring or distributing potable water, the ductile iron pipe is typically the go-to choice of material. Why is this? The inside of ductile iron pipe threading is typically highly resistant to corrosion.  The interior of the ductile iron pipe is commonly lined with cement mortar to help extend the lifespan of the piping material when used for water transmission.

The outside, however, is more susceptible to corrosion. The makeup of the soil in which the piping is routed determines the impact of corrosion on the ductile iron pipe. Special tapes are used to wrap the piping before it is routed, to help with corrosion resistance. 100 % recyclable ductile iron piping is the number one choice for water transfer applications. 

Development of Cast Iron to Ductile Iron Pipe ThreadingDuctile threading

Before ductile iron piping was used, cast iron piping was used for many of the same applications. Look at ductile iron piping as an “upgrade” to cast iron. Here are just some of the benefits of ductile iron piping compared to cast iron:

  • Weighs half as much
  • 2-3 times stronger than cast iron
  • Can be bent easily without breaking
  • The typical lifespan of 100 years
  • Corrodes less quickly than cast iron
  • Very little maintenance is required after installation
  • 100% recyclable

Although Detroit Nipple Works does not sell ductile iron piping, we do take on custom threading for various projects like:

  • Sewer applications
  • Water mains
  • New home construction

Custom Nipples Up to 12″

If you have projects, requiring special sizes and need fast turnaround then call Detroit Nipple works. We do not sell ductile iron piping as we previously stated. But, we do provide custom threaded nipples up to 12″ for any project. For more information on custom nipples from Detroit Nipple Works, contact us today.  Shipping is available, be sure to ask your representative for more information. Finally, make sure to follow us on Facebook!



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