316 Nipple Stainless Steel

316 Nipple Stainless Steel Nipples

The 316 Nipple Stainless Steel nipple is a tough austenitic steel grade generally used in the appliance industry. It is a corrosion resistant nipple typically used for tubing and connections. They are built into applications such as kitchen sinks and oven parts along with many others. Most notably, 316 nipples are used in surgical equipment. The equipment uses 316 stainless steel nipples as connections or tubing within the framework as its dependable.

The Stainless Steel Nipple and it’s high resistance to corrosion is why any industry that handles water uses this type of nipple. By having such a trustworthy nipple, you never have to worry about it failing in certain applications. If you do not use a high resistance to corrosion nipple like this one, you are just asking for trouble. 

Types of 316 Stainless Steel Nipples

The 316H grade is made to work in higher temperatures. This allows them to thrive in appliances such as microwaves and ovens. Both 316 and 316L types have composition and properties that comply with both steel types.  The 316 grades, especially 316L as it contains low carbon, are great for welding and are often referred to as “marine grade” stainless steel.

Detroit Nipple Works Carries Stainless Steel 

316 stainless steel nipples are known to have a nickel content, including molybdenum, which provides better corrosion resistance. Many industries use 316 nipples such as the food industry, surgical equipment, pharmaceutical, and more. In addition, Detroit Nipple Works use 316 stainless steel for fabrication. Also, we do work with the other grades of stainless steel and other materials used throughout many industries like agriculture, health, food, medical equipment, manufacturing, heating, cooling, and many more applications.

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For more information on 316 stainless steel nipples please contact us through our contact form or call us at 313-872-6370 to inquire for further information. Our nipple professional will help you choose the perfect nipple for the application at hand. You can also fill out our quote form that will help you select your steel grade nipple.

Need Stainless Steel Nipples?

We’ve doubled our nipple production capacity!

Detroit Nipple Works has a huge announcement for you this summer !  We’ve just purchased new machinery and equipment that will double our capacity for filling high volume, high quality, special finish or custom application orders for steel pipe nipples.

4” to 12” 304/316 Stainless Steel Pipe Nipples

Detroit Nipple Works specializes in the big stuff!  As you may be aware, we do specialize in 304/316 Stainless Steel Pipe Nipplesproduction and sales of products that are sometimes unique. Items that many other companies in our industry don’t or won’t do typically based on demand.  What if you need a large order of something that isn’t commonly used in your industry? Oil and natural gas exploration and production for example. With this upgrade, we can produce more and fill orders faster than before.  

Using 4″  to 12″ pipe in 304 or 316 stainless steel pipe presents no problem for us. Our machine is newer and more advanced, giving us the ability to keep up with Oil or Natural Gas industry contractors working in still high producing states like Texas and Colorado. This, of course, increases our capacity for 4 inches to 12-inch pipe nipples using other types of steel and a variety of materials.

Special Finishes

We produce and sell a wide pipe and fittings in a wide variety of finishes.  We recently filled a large special order of 316 stainless steel pipe nipples from California.  Orders for stainless steel nipples on specialized finishes like; cold rolled or hot rolled, heat treated, pickled, oiled, pinch passed are not uncommon. This process is done at the mill as it is very caustic and requires a special industry and EPA approved environment.

Custom applications

Have a custom application? Detroit Nipple works can make custom fittings, nipples, welds to contact for Special Finishes for Nipples help you fabricate a special tool for a wide variety of applications. Need a suction line to get to the bottom of a tank without bottoming out? We can do that with a threaded fitting cut at 45-degree angle for example. Choose from a wide variety of sizes and materials that are malleable, corrosion resistant or standard.

Finally, to contact us for information or request a quote, fill out the form or please call at 1-888-698-7888. We sell and ship to anywhere in the United States.