Michigan Steel Pipe Fabricator Supplier

Steel pipe fabrication

is the process in which steel pipe or steel tubing altered using various processes. Chemical processing, welding, or joining methods are all used during fabrication. Commonly used among pipe fabricators is a process known as pipe bending. Pipe bending allows fabricators to properly meet their client’s piping system design.

At Detroit Nipple Works, we provide pipe fabricators with pipe cutting services. We also supply fabricators with steel pipe or tubing needed for their fabrication jobs. Fabricators can bring their own materials to Detroit Nipple works for high quality precision pipe cutting services in Michigan.

Here are two types of steel pipe cuts that many fabricators are often looking for:

  • Miter Cut- A cut used on steel pipe or tubing typically creating a 45 degree angle. This allows for two pipes with a miter cut to be joined to form a 90 degree angle. Beneficial for creating various corners necessary for you piping layout design.
  • Production Cut-A general cut used to ensure that steel piping or tubing is the proper size. Having a variety of production cuts can reduce part costs for fabricators and help eliminate waste of steel piping.

We supply fabricators with both production cut steel pipe or miter cut steel tubing.

Cutting Shapes, Sizes, Materials

As a fabricator you may be working with materials and sizes that require an industrial band saw to obtain a specific size or shape such as a miter cut.  We cut all types materials and alloys including; stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, solid pipe and more.  Our equipment can cut pipe up to 20 inches in diameter. We can make round, square or any shape cut, something you probably won’t be able to do on a standard band saw that you might rent. For fabricator pipe cutting services call us at 313-872-6370 to bring in your material at our Detroit Michigan facility.

We are a steel pipe fabricator supplier so if you are in need of pipe, tubing or fittings for a project, you can request a quote from Detroit Nipple Works.