Aluminum Pipe

Aluminum pipe is made from alloys that are made of or include aluminum. Although they are called aluminum pipes, there are other natural elements or materials such as carbon, magnesium, zinc manganese, and silicon. Because of the other materials within the pipes, the strength of each pipe can vary. The variance of strength is a result of how many of the different materials are within the alloy. We can provide you with the materials to match your specifications.

Because aluminum pipe has a small amount of iron within it, it is considered non-ferrous. Although, since it does contain small amounts of iron, it is not recommended for use in the transfer of materials that are strong enough to break down the iron. Because of aluminum’s lightweight, many will choose to use aluminum piping where weight is a concern and a light pipe is necessary.Aluminum pipe for refrigeration - dairy

Many Industries Use Aluminum Pipe

There are many jobs and industries that use aluminum pipes. For example, the Dairy and Automotive industries use it quite heavily. Aluminum piping is great for transferring heat. This is because it does not absorb the heat, but rather prevents the material being transferred from losing its heat. Pipe taper is also available. 

Many refrigeration systems are made of aluminum piping because they are great for heat transfer. Along with the pipe aluminum fittings and aluminum, pipe nipples are used congruently. They all come in a large variety of sizes for whatever application they may be needed for.

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