Within drain connection it is common to find pipeline y-strainers or wye strainers. Y strainers are an affordable way to strain debris from your pipeline. The use of Y strainers allow you to clean the strainer screen without having to shut off your drain system.

There are a wide variety of options when straining debris from various applications. Detroit Nipple works makes it easy for you to find the perfect Y strainer for the application at hand. With wye strainers available in various finishes such as;

The variety of materials used for Y-strainers allow them to withstand various conditions. The use of Chome-Moly or Alloy 20 reduces mechanical or thermal shock, as well as significantly reducing pipe damage caused by corrosion.

The use of Y-Strainers is important when protecting your pipeline from clogging due to the build of debris. Opening the strainer with the system still functioning will cause debris to be “blown out” of the system without affecting the piping system at hand.

For more information on the proper type of Y-strainer that is best for your application contact Detroit Nipple Works today. Our professional staff will answer any questions you may have about materials, or the application you are working on. 888-698-7888.

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