Piping Nipples Used in HVAC Work

HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) is the technology of vehicular environmental comfort. Its main goal is to provide acceptable indoor air quality to residential structures. HVAC is known for its important role in apartment buildings, offices, hospitals, and single-family homes. Understanding the different varieties of energy-efficient HVAC systems, pipe fittings and piping nipples can ultimately save you a lot of time when considering your options. It’s all about knowing how the residential and commercial HVAC systems work.

What Are Piping Nipples and Fittings?Piping Nipples and Fittings

Pipe nipples in HVAC work are a fitting with a male pipe thread on each end of the pipe. This can be made with a huge selection of materials, like stainless steel, carbon, brass and much more. Piping nipples are used to connect other hoses and pipes together. Also, they can be used in plumbing and other manufacturing industries.

Pipe fitting is the process of repairing or installing a pipe or tube system in which transports solid, liquid and gas materials. This work typically involves selecting and preparing piping nipples together to help repair leaks. Pipefitters (also known as “fitters”) can be done in many different settings, including HVAC work. They work with an array of pipe and tubing materials, such as steel, iron, aluminum, and iron, and are represented in the U.S. and Canada region, too.

In Need of Pipes and Nipples?

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