Outdoor DIY Projects- Black Galvanized Pipe

DIY (Do it yourself) projects have become very popular. Handy homeowners looking to save money have turned to DIY. In that regard, various recycled materials can be used (depending on the project). One of those materials is Black galvanized. this type of pipe is commonly used for many around-the-house projects, and not just for plumbing. In fact, its popularity for other uses is gaining more and more recognition! Whether you are looking to hang some handmade shelves, or add patio furniture to your deck, black galvanized may just be your go-to material!

Benefits of Using Industrial Galvanized Pipes

Using industrial galvanized pipes in your DIY projects can have some major benefits. This includes:

  • Low initial cost – galvanization in general cost less then other protective measures.
  • Toughness – The galvanized coating makes the steel very strong and durable.
  • Long life – industrial galvanized pipes can last for almost 50 years in rural areas and 25 in more rugged areas.
  • Standardization – The galvanization process is standardized meaning the pipes have to meet certain requirements
  • Low maintenance cost – because of the long life and overall toughness, less maintenance is needed
  • Easy inspection – Galvanization coatings can be inspected by eye and thickness can be tested easily

Using Black Galvanized Pipes for Outdoor DIY Projects

Due to the fact that black galvanized pipe is highly weather-resistant, it serves as a great material for outdoor patio furniture. Its strong durability allows it to be used as legs for tables or chairs, or even as railings to a deck! When combined with stained or natural wood, it creates a beautiful rustic look for your home. Also, there is such a wide variety of projects that can be created using piping materials. Also, we have created a special board on our Pinterest. We share some of the most creative projects others have shared. Check it out!

Indoor Projects Using Piping Materials

Along with the beautiful rustic outdoor patio furniture, black galvanized piping materials can be used to add the same rustic look to the inside of your home. From bookshelves, and coffee tables, to shoe racks or light fixtures, the DIY options using galvanized piping are endless. And, can decorate your interior by recycling piping materials! Here are pictures from a local pub showing a light and coat hanger (sorry about the quality, it was done quickly on the way out). These applications for piping and pipe fittings (and even valves) are simple, practical, and very cool!

pipe light fixtureFind the piping supplies you need for your next DIY Project! 

Detroit Nipple Works can provide you with galvanized pipe, or other materials and fittings. Whether you need to order in bulk or are looking for a smaller amount contact us today! Your creations are only limited by your imagination! Finally, be sure to follow us on Pinterest to stay up to date on some of the latest DIY piping trends. 

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