Pipe Threading and Cutting What You Should Know

Pipe Threading

One of the many services offered by Detroit Nipple Works is pipe threading and cutting. When it comes to threading there are many aspects you should know about the process and what constitutes a good thread. The purpose of threading pipes is to provide a good seal for pipes. Pipes that will be transporting things such as liquids, gas, hydraulic fluids, and other content.

When talking about pipe threading there are many keywords that often come up that you should probably be aware of. NPT which stands for National Pipe Thread Tapered and NPTF which is National Pipe Thread Fine or Fuel are just a few of the key terms when speaking about pipe threading. NPT is the main industry standard for pipe threading.

Types of Pipe Threading

Threads are made to match with other threads of the same type. Different regions produce different types of threads. For instance, here in America, the American National V-Thread is the most popular. Other types are the Square Frac Iron, Buttress Jacking Thread, and Round Triangular Thread. Threading pipe is usually tapered or straight. Usually, tapered provides a much better seal to prevent leaks.

At Detroit Nipple Works we can provide you with pipe cuts that are exact every time. There is a different selection of pipe-cutting options such as abrasive cutting, band saw cutting, cold sawing, laser cutting, lathe cutting, and shearing to name a few. The experts at Detroit Nipple Works can help you with your next order. We can help to get the exact cut and threading you need for your pipe. 

Having a high-quality pipe or nipple product is essential to keep your business and manufacturing operation functioning at a high-profit level.

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If you would like to learn more about pipe threading please visit our online seminar for pipe threading. Also, if you would like to place an order or ask us questions about our massive inventory or what products are best for you, give us a call at 313.872.6370 or use our contact form today!