Oil or Gas Applications use High Pressure Fittings

In Texas and Louisiana

You may be familiar with the fact that Texas and Louisiana are high on the list with it comes to production in the oil and gas industry. In fact three major cities in Louisiana including; Baton Rouge and New Orleans are undergoing construction in the oil industry and a liquefaction plant in Lake Charles is under construction. Some of which is projected to finish this year. While oil and gas industrial construction is very common in Louisiana, Texas’ current industrial construction is focusing on petrochemicals and ethane-based ethylene manufacturing.

When it comes to construction within the two industries pipes and valves are quite often used in critical applications. Many require high pressure fittings with high pressure pipe nipples used to make connections that are safe and sealed within specific tolerances. High temperatures must be accommodated when selecting the proper pipe fittings or valves for many of these applications. Detroit Nipple works manufactures pipe nipples and is a fitting supplier that sells to the oil and gas industry in Texas and Louisiana.
High pressure fittings for Oil or Gas refineries

What is a coned and threaded high pressure fitting?

Coned and high pressure fittings are used in many applications that transport high temperature substances. Features of using coned and threaded high pressure fittings are:

  • Pressure cycling– alternating through high or low pressure transportation of a material typically oil or gas
  • Thermal cycling– alternating through extremely high and extremely low temperatures of materials typically gas or oil

When looking for high pressure, temperature and critical application fittings suppliers or nipple manufacturers contact us.  Detroit Nipple Works located in Detroit, MI since 1934 is a leading supplier for industrial construction companies.  We proudly serve the Oil and Gas producing states including Texas and Louisiana.

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