Welding Safety Tips!

Welding safety should always be a top priority. With a craft as precise and potentially dangerous as welding comes the dyer the need to protect yourself at all times during the process! Welding is necessary to join materials like thermoplastics or metals, such as stainless steel pipes to rigid pipe couplings. While there are various different types of welding – including gas tungsten arc welding and shielded metal arc welding – staying safe should remain a constant no matter what or how you are welding.

Welding Safety Tips – Protective Gear

First things first, NEVER weld without wearing a face shield, helmet, or goggles that come equipped with special plates or filter lenses. That’s basically welding 101. Ear protection like muffs or earplugs is a must too because shooting sparks could very well puncture an eardrum. Don’t just strictly consider protecting yourself, either. Putting up screens of some sort to protect people near yourWelding Safety Tips! welding station will prevent heat or light from harming them in some way.

Electrocution/Fire Prevention

You’ll want to be sure that there are no puddles of water on the floor near your weld bench or machine when you prepare to turn it on. The main box, torch, pedal, and plug should be completely dry to reduce the risk of electrocution. The welding area also must be void of any flammable objects or liquids so a fire doesn’t ensue.


We probably don’t need to tell you how dangerous welding fumes can be when breathed in. It’s important to avoid inhaling fumes or gases, especially those released through arc welding. A hood can be looked at as a sort of “local exhaust ventilation,” and some forms of general ventilation include roof vents, windows, and fans on the ceiling or floor to circulate fresh air around the work area.

Some other basic welding tips to remember:

  • Wear closed shoes and non-flammable, long-sleeved shirts while welding
  • Always wear welding gloves
  • Make sure your face is never too close to the welding plume
  • Keep your welding area neat and clean to eliminate the risk of falls or accidents
  • Refrain from welding on painted parts or discard the surface coating before you do
  • Change positions periodically to remain as physically comfortable as possible
  • If you burn yourself, don’t wait to douse the injured area in water immediately
  • DO NOT weld on anything that has been wiped down with a chlorinated hydrocarbon, such as brake cleaner. When mixed with UV light it can create a poisonous phosgene gas, which can be fatal.

Detroit Nipple Works would like to remind you to please refrain from taking your health and personal safety for granted, no matter how many years you have been welding. Also, don’t hesitate to contact us to pick up some great, quality products to weld!