Rigid Pipe Couplings

A rigid pipe coupling is a very short length of pipe that connects two pipes of a solid material such as steel or copper to one another and keeps continuity between them. They have a socket at one end of them (some have a socket at both ends) which allows the pipes to be joined. Stainless steel pipes need to be welded onto pipe couplings, while rigid pipe couplings made of brass or copper have to be soldered on, or brazed. When installed correctly rigid pipe couplings have no flexibility whatsoever and are able to resist torsion or flexural loads. Some steel pipe couplings include visible features or equipment like pressure release or shutoff valves, flow meters, which make installation easier, or inspection access openings.

Detroit Nipple Works Rigid Pipe Couplingsrigid pipe coupling

Rigid pipe couplings from Detroit Nipple Works are great for piping or plumbing. These are used both as pipelines to distribute water and in fire protection lines. Rigid pipe couplings are compatible with the following elements:

  • Diluted Acids
  • Oil-free air
  • Vapors
  • Waste
  • Water

By solvent welding or soldering pipe couplings to pipes of the same material, the connection becomes extremely rigid, keeping pipes unblemished and sealing in the elements that are intended to flow through them. These pipe couplings are different from other couplings because of their tendency to be permanent. Some pipe couplings have a removable, threaded design making it so that they can be simply screwed on to pipes. These are flexible pipe couplings. Grooved couplings, for example, which can be used to join pipes for sprinkler systems. These are designed to be flexible to maintain consistency with the product.

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