Pipe Hangers

Pipe HangersPipe hangers, or pipe supports, are designed to transfer the load from a pipe to the structure in which that pipe supports. This load the pipe upholds includes weight, the content carried by the pipe, and the insulation of the pipe. It must also account for every pipe fitting attached to the pipe it supports. High-quality pipe hangers from Detroit Nipple Works are made from many materials depending on the material of their corresponding pipe, as well as the loading conditions.

Insulation materials may be necessary for these hangers put to use in extremely high or low temperatures. Also, they have four main functions in relation to their load, and those are to:

  • Absorb shock
  • Anchor
  • Guide
  • Support

Types of Pipe Hangers

Copper pipes, plastic pipes, rail structures, and threaded tubes commonly rely on the support of pipe hangers. Also, pipe hangers come in hundreds of different materials and sizes, each with their own specific uses. Some of the most commonly used pipe hangers include:

  • Adjustable “J” Hangers
  • Anchor Chairs
  • Extended Clevis Hangers
  • Marine Hangers
  • Roller Chairs
  • Standard Pipe Clamps
  • Straight “J” Hooks

There are two types of pipe loads to be familiar with when putting a pipe support to use to support it. One is a primary load and the other is a secondary load. Primary loads are sustained, internal/external pressure loads, like pipes used for transporting fluid.  While secondary loads are usually the result of some type of displacement. If a vessel moves up causing the pipe attached to that vessel to respond by always moving up, this is vessel expansion and a type of displacement. Furthermore, pipe hangers supporting secondary loads must be equipped to withstand vibrations from pipes connected to machinery or equipment that operates by rotating.

Finally, if you’re in need of pipe hangers, backing rings, pipe dopes, “y” strainers or one of the many other high-quality products carried by Detroit Nipple Works, contact us and pick our brains today! In addition, we’ll let you know what will work best in your work environment. 1-888-698-7888.