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oil rigging pipes and partsAre you looking for oil rigging pipes and parts?

Detroit Nipple Works supplies pipe nipples, fittings, tubes, and pipes to the oil industry. This we’ve written about before, but we haven’t mentioned offshore drilling.

In areas of the western or central part of the Gulf of Mexico as well as Florida, oil rigging is very common. When oil is extracted from the ground, the process of pumping and drilling is known as oil rigging. Offshore Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama are responsible for 25% of oil in the United States, as well as 14% of our natural gas.

Oil rigging can be a dangerous process. It is important to ensure that you are using the proper materials to withstand the abrasiveness of the job.
The API (American Petroleum Institute) has very strict guidelines to ensure that the materials can withstand the pressure or corrosives of the job.

Steel Pipe For Oil Rig Construction

To stabilize the well, a casing or a group of steel pipes are drilled into the well. Due to the abrasiveness of the oil, and the hydraulic application, carbon steel piping is the typical choice for oil rigging.

Once the casing is in place, tubing is installed to transfer the oil. The API has many specifications in place for the necessary tubing. Some are as follows:

Ordering Pipe or Tubing for Oil Rigging

Order Nipples PhotoDetroit Nipple Works would like to serve as your preferred supplier of pipe nipples and piping materials for offshore oil rigging. We offer shipping for bell nipples, drill pipes, flow lines, casing heads, or standpipes. You can get all your oil rigging pipes and parts 

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