Industrial Carbon Steel

As the most commonly used material in industrial applications, carbon steel has superior strength, is very durable, and is low cost. Industrial carbon steel ball valves, industrial carbon steel seamless pipe, industrial carbon nipples, industrial carbon steel weld fittings, or industrial carbon steel welded pipe are all commonly found on the construction site of an industrial job. Each of the carbon steel pipes, nipples or fittings are strong, durable, and low cost.

Industrial projects that commonly use industrial-carbon-steelvarious grades of carbon steel are:

  • Environmental enclosures
  • Computer chassis
  • Mounting plates
  • Industrial control panels

When working on industrial applications you want to ensure that you do not confuse stainless steel with carbon steel. Carbon steel fittings, piping, or nipples contain a primary alloy of carbon. Incorporating carbon into that material allows for superior strength, increased hardness, or a low melting point. There are five different types of carbon steel determined by the amount of carbon in the steel. The five classifications and their properties are:

  • Ultra-high carbon steel containing 1-2% carbon
  • High carbon steel containing .6-.99% carbon
  • Medium carbon steel containing .3-.59% carbon
  • Mild carbon steel containing .16-.29% carbon
  • Low carbon steel containing .05-.15% carbon

If you are in need of carbon steel pipe, carbon steel nipples, or carbon steel fittings for your industrial application, contact the professionals at Detroit Nipple Works today. We will be standing by to answer any question you may have about industrial carbon steel.