Honing Services

Honing Services

Honing is a process that is used to get a desired surface and dimension in a cylindrical shape such as in a tube or steel pipe. Not only is this process used for steel pipe it can also be used for pistons, bearing bores, hydraulic cylinders and other objects.  How honing works is it removes material from inside the piece diameter. The tool expands and rotates inside the cylinder removing the material until you reach your desired diameter and surface.

Because of the low-velocity abrading process, material removal is accomplished at much lower cutting speeds than grinding, which means heat and pressure are much more minimal.

Advantages of Honing

One advantage of the process is the extreme accuracy. The accuracy can be up to 0.001 mm in a large variety of materials. Another advantage is the ability of creating straight or round bores in a long piece. From a maintenance point of view, the diamond portion takes a very long time to wear down which allows a longer life span for the machine.  Honing services can be used across a wide array of industries such as oil, gas, military, manufacturing, semiconductors and many more.

Finish boring can do the same job, but variation in hardness, spindle deflection and workholding trouble makes finish boring results harder and uncertain. Sizes of the honing process can vary depending on the job and the machine.


Honing is just one of the many services available from Detroit Nipple Works. Along with honing we also offer services like centerless grinding or pipe threading. We have many decades of experience in metal working and we can provide you with just about any service you need. Detroit Nipple Works is one of the nation’s lead suppliers in pipe and tubing, fittings, flanges, valves, pipe couplings and metal work services. Give us a call today at 1.888.698.7888 or contact us here for a free estimate!