High Quality Cast Iron Fittings

High Quality Cast Iron FittingsGreat for use in steam heating applications, cast iron fittings are very durable and are borderline indestructible. Even in the most extreme conditions, they are nonreactive. Also when exposed to most chemicals and are not prone to burning or melting.

Why use high quality cast iron fittings?

The long lasting cast iron fittings at Detroit Nipple Works are used to join two sections of cast iron pipe. The fittings come in 90 or 45 degree elbows, which are used to alter the direction of water flow of water. These fittings can be easily connected directly to a cast iron pipe. Cast iron fittings are also available in tees, which are used to either combine fluid flow or split it up. They connect pipes of conflicting diameters as well as changing the pipe runs’ direction.

If a cast iron fitting cannot conveniently just connect to a pipe, it needs to be either screwed onto the pipe or soldered on in order to become attached. Lead soldering cast iron pipe fittings used to be in a lot higher demand, but modern technology has made it so that most cast iron fittings are threaded.

Cast iron pipe fittings are preferred to fittings made of other materials usually because of their high resistance to abrasion. This trait makes them useful for sewage and waste draining, as well as the steam heating industry. They are also well constructed and have outstanding soundproofing characteristics compared to fittings of other materials. Noise and vibration between the fittings and the pipes is almost nonexistent with cast iron pipe fittings.

Finally, high quality cast iron fittings are very affordable, as they are cheaper to purchase than most other pipe fittings. They can also be installed with minimal difficulty.

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