Connecting PVC Pipe to Brass Drain Pipe

Connecting PVC to Brass Drain Pipe

Connecting PVC pipe to brass drain pipe is not always the ideal situation. The process is considered difficult because you are connecting two different times of materials. However, it is still possible. There are a few ways to connect the pipe, of course, using a threaded joint is the most secure. In addition, there are a few steps to consider when joining PVC with brass. The first step is to add primer and glue then for the brass pipe use Teflon tape. Next, screw the pieces together by hand. Make sure to hold the brass pipe with a wrench while tightening the PVC into it.

Connecting PVC Pipe To Brass Pipe Procedures

After the first step, you then want to slide a compression nut onto the PVC pipe and one on the brass pipe as well.  Use a rubber seal on both pipes, then put both pipes into a coupling until they meet. Screw the nuts onto the coupling by hand. The final step is to loosen the metal bands of the rubber no-hub coupling. Then insert the end of the PVC pipe in one end and the brass in the other until they meet in the middle. Then tighten the bands with a screwdriver.

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