316 Nipple Stainless Steel

The 316 Nipple Stainless Steel nipple is a tough austenitic steel grade generally used in the appliance industry. It is a corrosion resistant nipple typically used for tubing and connections. They are built into applications such as kitchen sinks and oven parts along with many others. Most notably, 316 nipples are used in surgical equipment. […]

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Uses For Brass Nipples

Brass Nipples

Brass, in general, is rather popular for fittings and pipes. Industrial brass nipples are used in large plumbing systems among other things. Brass offers many advantages over other materials and is a favorite material in certain industries. Brass nipples and pipes have great corrosion resistance.  Because of this, it makes brass a great choice for […]

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Hex Nipples or Close Nipples

We all know or should know what a nipple is (as it relates to our industry of course). A nipple is a short pipe typically with male threading at both ends to connect two other pipes or fittings. However, the size or type of nipple greatly depends on the application for which it is being […]

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