Supplier for Machine Shops and Fabricators

Mechanical tubing used in modern irrigation systems

Did you know that Detroit Nipple Works specializes in supplying mechanical tubing for many local Machine Shops? Those and pretty much any place that does CNC machining. We also supply tubing for many fabricators locally as well as nationwide for that matter. Midwest Supplier of CNC Machine Shops There are literally thousands of machine shops […]

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Metal Work, Skilled Trades and Labor Scholarships

In today’s competitive society, many people believe that a four year college education is required in order to have a stable career. Most people even believe that if you attend graduate school, you’ll be more successful than those who don’t. However, that’s not always the case. An advanced degree is not a necessity when it […]

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Tubing Used For Motorcycle Frames

DOM (drawn over mandrel) tubing is a popular choice when creating custom bike frames. For applications that need strong tubing because of stress on it, many motorcycle frames are made by custom motorcycle and chopper builders using this type.  Due to stress from G forces or motion of objects, weaker tubing would break but DOM […]

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