Types of Tube Flares

Cold rolled steel tubes can be flared with no material lossWhat is Flaring?

Flaring is a type of forming operation that focuses on strengthening the metal or polymer by plastic deformation. The strength comes from dislocation movements and generation within the material’s crystal structure. Then tube’s tapered end and formed into a specific configuration of a tight seal. 

Tube flares are an important operation to create a tight seal between two tubes. However, many people don’t realize that there are many types of flares.  That means the tube used for boat piping is different from pipes on an airplane. So, let’s look at the different types of flares and the tube flaring process. 

Types & Uses of Flares

When performing tube flaring, it’s crucial to use the appropriate tools and techniques for the specific type of flare required. The type of flare depends on various factors such as intended use. Many flares are used for specific industries such as automotive and aerospace. As a result, each flare is made with a specific objective mind.

Single Flare

This is a simple flare where the end of the tube is flared at a 45-degree angle. It is commonly used in automotive brake lines and other low-pressure applications.

Double Flare

This type of flare involves two steps. A single flare is made at a 45-degree angle and a second flare is created at a steeper 37-degree angle. Double flares are often found in high-pressure hydraulic systems including automotive brake lines.

Bubble Flare

This flare type is commonly used in automotive brake lines. It is similar to a double flare however it has a distinctive “bubble” shape at the end. Bubble flares provide a better seal making them the preferred flare for 

Triple Flare

This type of flare involves three steps. First, a single flare at a 45-degree angle, followed by a second flare at a steeper 37-degree angle before making a smaller flare at a 45-degree angle. Triple flares are commonly used in aerospace applications as they make a perfect tight seal that can withstand intense pressure. 

Specialty Flares

This is just a glance at all the flares that can be formed.  In addition to the common flares mentioned above, there are also specialty flares designed for specific applications. Each country has its special flares that fit with its industrial standards. Flaring one of Detroit Nipple Work’s special fabricating services offered to our customers . 


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