The Difference between Rigid and Merchant Couplings

The purpose of pipe couplings is to connect two tubes or pipes together. They are very short in length and have sockets on either end of the pipe. Pipe couplings can be used in any environment. Although all couplings have the same intention, there are many forms of them including rigid and merchant pipe couplings.Merchant Couplings

Rigid pipe couplings are made to fix a connection within an individual system or two separate systems. They can be attached to two different pipes, rather it is copper or steel while maintaining durability between them. Rigid couplings are small in size and are handy when it comes to plumbing.

Merchant Couplings

Merchant couplings are mainly used for piping problems involving low pressure. Being that it’s made of steel, this makes it better to work with because it’s easier to braze. Merchant pipes couplings are similar to rigid pipe couplings because they are required to be welded together after fastened to a pipe. These types of couplings shelter the thread so that it won’t become impaired while unprotected by other elements.

Our merchant couplings are designed to protect the threaded end of a threaded pipe, a pipe with screw-headed threads for easy assembly, that run through water, gas, or oil lines. They are made to protect the thread so that it cannot be damaged or negatively affected when unprotected or exposed to the natural elements, especially in outdoor industries.

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