Metal Work, Skilled Trades and Labor Scholarships

In today’s competitive society, many people believe that a four year college education is required in order to have a stable career. Most people even believe that if you attend graduate school, you’ll be more successful than those who don’t. However, that’s not always the case. An advanced degree is not a necessity when it comes to making a good living. In fact, skilled trades jobs have been on the rise. 

What are Skilled Trades?

Skilled trades are careers that typically require less debt and schooling than those who obtain a four-year degree. Skilled trades specializes in a wide array of job opportunities to high school and community college students, including fabrication, metal workers, welders and plumbers. The possibilities are endless!

Michigan employers are looking for talent to help fill these roles more than ever before. In fact, across the U.S., the young people with these skills and great work ethic are being sought. There are many benefits to those who seek to do skilled trades. Below are a few reasons why you should consider a skilled trade career.

The Benefits of Skilled Trades

  1. You’re able to do what you’re good at. Have you ever noticed how most people who went to college leave with aSkilled Trades degree in a totally different field than what they came for? Why waste money on a $40,000-$160,000 piece of paper just to end up working at any job that’s hiring? With a skilled trade job, you’re able to learn the necessary training to help you apply for a job of your choice.
  2. You are able to make a good living. Believe it or not, the average salary of a plumber or bricklayer is $40,000 per year. Installation managers roughly make $90,000 a year. Depending on your company’s size, level of education, years of experience and where you live will determine your annual salary. Nonetheless, most skilled trade fields make a good living.
  3. It takes half the time. When having a skilled trades job, you are able to be in and out in two years max. By earning an associate’s degree at a trade school or community college, you are able to graduate with little to no debt.

The Mike Rowe Skilled Trades Scholarship

Mike Rowe (also known on the show Dirty Jobs on Discover) has a public charity foundation that gives scholarships to those who have a passion to get trained in skilled jobs. A scholarship that he is known for giving is the third annual mrWF/MTI High School Scholarship for graduating high school seniors. This scholarship requires for graduating seniors to submit a brief essay and video about why they should be selected as the scholarship winner. The student with the most votes will be declared the winner. For additional information, please click here or contact MTI’s Director of Marketing Stacey Wierman at (217) 527-8324 or [email protected].

Metal Fabricators at Detroit Nipple Works

We have many metal fabricators as customers here at Detroit Nipple Works. We specialize in nipples, pipes, tubing and fittings, and work with our customers to make sure they are satisfied. If you are interested in knowing more about us, what we do or what we offer, please contact us today. We hope this information helps you or someone you know so feel free to share!